3242 Adriatica4342 Adritica

3127 Bleekerstreet  A

3245 Summer Pudding A

3224 Chartreuse  A

3255 Pine Forest A

3858 BarbadosA

3136 Concrete A

3871 Silver BirchA

3038 CaribbeanA

3407 Donkey Island

3405 GranadaA

3423 Painters Palette 

3874 Walnut 

3233 Shitake 

3173 Van Gogh

3575 White Cliffs 

3872 Volcanic Ash 

3866 Eternity 

3576 Trace of Nature

5216 Pacific Beaches 

2939 Black

5231 Cliff of Moher

5218 Welsh Moor 

3239 Oxidized Copper 

5237  Black Sheep

Daniels Floors is an authorized dealer of Mullican Flooring.  Please feel free to

ask us about any of the flooring you find on the Mullican website 

      Castillian Solid: Coffee Bean

      Castillian Solid: Glacier 

      Castillian Solid: Latte 

 Castillian Solid: Midnight

Wexford Solid: Saddle

Wexford Solid: White Oak Natural

 Wexford Solid:  White Oak Charcoal

 Wexford Solid: Espresso

We are working to expand our website to include photos of all of the wood flooring we carry.  Please check back soon! 

 Wexford Solid: Harbor Mist

      Castillian Solid: Latte 

Castillion Solid Collection: Smooth and wired brushed options.  5" width x 3/4" thickness.

Made in USA 

Wexford Solid Collection: 

Wired brushed textured.

5" width x 3/4" thickness. Random lengths up to 7 feet. 

Made in the USA 

Wexford Solid: Seabrook

We are still working on our website.  Please check back!