Silverton  Oak342 Adritica

3407 Donkey Island

3405 GranadaA

3423 Painters Palette 

3874 Walnut 

3233 Shitake 

3173 Van Gogh

3575 White Cliffs 

3872 Volcanic Ash 

3866 Eternity 

3576 Trace of Nature

5216 Pacific Beaches 

2939 Black

5231 Cliff of Moher

5218 Welsh Moor 

3239 Oxidized Copper 

5237  Black Sheep

Each Marmoleum Click panel is made of water repelling High Density Fibre board with a sound absorbing cork backing and 2,5 mm Marmoleum on top. 

Forbo Marmoleum Click is available in 23 colours ranging from soothing neutrals to vibrant bolds. There are 3 panel sizes: the larger 90 x 30 cm and 60 x 30 cm and the square 30 x 30 cm. With Marmoleum Click tiles you can create inviting floor designs that are unique to your home and lifestyle.


3/8" engineered available in both multi-width (3",5" & 7") collection and 7" wide plank collection.

Wire brushed, low gloss finish.  

Random length up to 4'.                                                                   










1/2" engineered available

multi-width 5" & 7 1/2" 

Random lengths up to 84". 

Random saw marks, brushed, textured, low gloss finish.                                                                 

Denver Hickory

Littleton Hickory

Thornton Hickory

Breck Oak

                     Coconut Rum342 Adritica

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                   Hurricane Wind342 Adritica

                          Malibu Tan

                          Sea Breeze

                          Tequila Sunrise



 7 1/2" x 1/2" Engineered

Random lengths. 

Lightly textured, low gloss finish.